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This service is provided free of charge for anyone who wishes to use it.

This service is provided without warranty.

This service does NOT block email, web sites or the Internet.

This service is NOT capable of blocking email, web sites or the Internet.

If you think you are blocked from sending email or viewing webpages by this service and want to know more, please read the FAQ.

If you are a spammer (or Internet Marketer), please don't bother complaining about being listed you are not practicing Confirmed Opt-In with your mailing list and as such your emails will not be received by SORBS staff.

Information in the open proxy and relay databases, are statements of fact for a given time and address, by SORBS. All other entries are based upon suspicion and/or opinion of the SORBS administrators, unless otherwise stated.

Michelle Sullivan and SORBS are of the opinion that all entries created by the SORBS administrators are correct at the time of publishing.

Any documents sent to the Michelle Sullivan, SORBS or the administrators of the SORBS (either paper or electronic) may be reproduced at the SORBS' discretion in any forum, in whole or in part. If you don't want something published, our advice is not to send it in the first place.

If you are listed in the 'spammers' database, it is because you, your machine, or a previous user of the address sent unsolicited bulk, commercial, religious or political email to one of the administrators of SORBS or any of the spamtraps SORBS operates. You will only be removed from the SORBS database at the discretion of the SORBS and/or the administrator who had to deal with the spam that was sent.

If you are in the Zombie Netblock space, you are using IP space of which, in SORBS' opinion, you are not the rightful owner. You are welcome to submit any information to persuade the administrators that you are the rightful owner but remember, it is the sole discretion of the administrators of SORBS as to whether the information is adequate for removal. Suitable information is usually an email from the responsible Regional Internet Registrycl indicating that you are confirmed as the rightful owner of any network. If you have purchased the network from a former employer, you will have to show detail that a legal transaction occurred and that you did not just take the network for your own use (that's called stealing when you take something you don't have permission to take.)

In the event that your ISP has issued the listed address space to you, you will need to resolve the issue with your ISP. SORBS will not get involved in disputes between an ISP and their customer.

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