Fighting spam and spammers
There are two main ways as an end user you can help fight spam.

First the easiest:
Ignore it, delete it, never reply to it, never click any links in it, and above all never buy any product from a spammer.

Second and the hardest:
You can complain/report the spam to the spammers service provider, you can complain and report to the police some spams, you can ask your ISP to employ block lists such as the SORBS DNS block list.

How will deleting/ignoring do any good you ask ....?
Well simple, the only way spammers make money is when spamming works. Spamming works when you, the receiver, answers the mail by going to the company who ordered the spam and buying (or just enquiring about) a spammed product from them. Not only that, but spammers can make money by you just clicking on the links in a email, this works in the same way that people make money out of you visiting their web site and clicking on an advert on that page.

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