Queue Addressing
First ensure you send your request to the right queue.
  • DUHL Additions, Deletions and Enquiries - If you are listed in the DUHL send requests to this address.
  • Direct ISP Support - If you are an ISP (that means you provide Internet Access to the general public - you will have your own Network at least /24 in size (class C)) use this address.
  • Spam Database Payment and De-listing Enquiries - If you are listed in the Spam Database send to here.
  • SORBS User Support - If you do not fall into the above categories, or are unsure, use this address.

Second, know that if you send the message to the wrong queue it is likely to be deleted without a reply. (This is because over half of the messages received are sent to the wrong queues, and are taking more than 3 times a long to deal with because the people answering the different queues do not know how to deal with the other queues.)

Third, when logging a call, ensure you send the IP address as part of that call.

Forth, be polite and patient, none of the people who answer you get paid for answering you, none have to speak to you, and should you be abusive your address will be blocked and the help request deleted.

Note: ISP support requests are dealt with as a priority as they generally affect many users. Spam Database requests are dealt with last because they are where time has already been wasted dealing with the spam in someone's Inbox.

How do I find the IP address...?
The IP address will look like "" (for example). Every computer on the Internet has an IP address, whether it public or private, or a gateway address. The address listed may not be your IP address so it is a good idea to get the IP address from the error messages...

A couple of example messages are:

550 5.7.1 Rejected: Spam Received see:
550 Mail from rejected see:
550 Rejected, is listed in

If the message doesn't look anything like this, or you still cannot determine the IP Address try sending a mail to: if you are listed it will reply with a message like the first example.

How can I speed things up....?
The first and easiest way to speed things up is to help yourself. Use the lookup page: to lookup the IP address you found in the error messages.

If it is listed in the Proxy or Open Relay queues follow the instructions at: retest.shtml and get yourself de-listed.

Note: if your "key" finishes with a double digit figure (eg: key=345345345-123123455-11) you will need to log a support call to have your entry reset. Log a request to the General Support Queue with the key and your IP address.

If you are listed in the Spam Database read the Spam Database FAQ.

I'm listed in the Zombie Database, what now...?
Log a request to the General Support Queue and have documentation ready to show that you are the legal owner of the IP space listed.

My IP hasn't changed for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months and you have listed me in the DUHL...
Yes, and...? If your IP address is registered as dynamic you will stay listed in the DUHL. If you must use your own mail server to send out mail, direct it via your ISP's mail server.

How to get your mail ignored and deleted...
There are a good number of reasons your mail may get ignored/deleted.
  1. You sent it to the wrong Queue (if you're unsure use the General Support Queue)
  2. You were abusive or threatening in your request.
  3. You sent it to another address which wasn't a queue (Good example: Sending de-listing demands to the 'Fine replacement suggestion' address or to 'Michelle Sullivan' will get the message deleted and ignored).
  4. You sent a request about a listing without an IP address.

Other things to remember...
  • SORBS doesn't block your mail, remote administrators do that.
  • People using SORBS do not block email addresses, they block IP addresses.
  • Your mail will be one of 100's received a day, each is dealt with individually, but at times administrators will be blunt and/or send 'stock' replies.
  • You should never be replied to in a rude manner if you are not rude in the first place.

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