Fancy getting involved with SORBS...? Want to help out...? We of SORBS are always looking for help on a variety of fronts. For example:
  • People to translate the web sites accurately from English to languages of the world (eg Spanish, French, German, Chinese etc).
  • Hosting around the world, for both the web sites and secondary DNS servers.
  • Perl mongers.
  • Experienced 'C' programmers.
  • People that have plenty of time and are familiar with the workings of the Internet to do research into spammers and botnets.
  • People to proof read and correct the web site - in any language.
If you become one of the people to help SORBS, there is not much in the way of recognition. Most get their name on the SORBS Sponsors page, and for considerable donations, their banner and links on each page in the sponsors column.

Details of each category and contacts follow.

If you think you can offer something to SORBS not listed on this page, feel free to email your suggestion to Michelle Sullivan

Translators and Proof readers
Help wanted for translating the SORBS site to multiple languages. Priority translations required for:
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian
  • Polish
Translations to other languages will be welcomed.

Proof readers are wanted to proof read the site looking for grammar and spelling mistakes on all the SORBS public pages. This includes but is not limited to the English Language site.

Note: Languages will only come online when the entire site is translated.

Hosting Offers
Hosting is always needed for the web sites, DNS zone files server, DNS servers, and test servers.

Anyone offering hosting should be aware of the following:
  • Occasionally the servers get DDoSed by people upset with being blocked or just because they want to.
  • The web sites are a big target for crackers.
  • Current DNS traffic is a constant 1-3Mbps depending on location. (For that reason, SORBS cannot accept hosting from people on DSL or Cable. Thanks for the offer, but sorry.)
  • The SORBS web sites will be addressed as: http://www.dnsbl.* where * maps to the location.
  • All SORBS web sites must run a local DNS server, though this is not required to be public.
  • All SORBS machines run some form of Unix - no exceptions (SORBS is not written with Windows in mind).
  • Public SORBS secondaries run rbldnsd, this is due to the memory requirements of both BIND and djbdns, both of which have their advantages, but neither of which were written with black hole type lists in mind.
  • Test servers have large numbers of outgoing packets and generate quite a number of complaints.

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