The Project
The latest version of the util is no longer available as the new version is a complete rewrite and is the subject of various patents.

The original utils are still available as downloads.

Version 0.2 is available here: sockchk.tar.gz

Version 0.9 is available here: sockchk-0.9.tar.gz

Licence Details are here: MPL 1.1 A brief README is available here.

The Project is now hosted at SourceForge, as 'SORBS'

Please Note: The new SORBS spam firewall daemon is not available in the public CVS.

Another type of Spam killer...
No-Ads - The web add killer/redirector for SQUID

Version 1.0 is available here: noads.tar.gz

Note: This is a "Quick and Dirty" tool, for best results use with something like Squirm to get rid of all the ads...

A spam generator of sorts...
Well its not a spam generator, but it is still useful in the pollution of spammers address collectors.

The Address Book generator will generate random addresses and other garbage when ever viewed. The code is written in 'C' and is designed to be fast and tight on all webservers.

Version 1.0 is available here: addressbook.tar.gz

The demonstration is configured using the defaults and adding the following line to Apache 1.3.x for the configuration:
RewriteRule ^/addressbook/  /path/to/binary/cgi-bin/pollute.cgi [T=application/x-httpd-cgi,L]

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