Section 4 - Introduction

4.1 Whom is this document for?

This document is intended for anyone who feels confused about any of the spamfighting techniques discussed in the newsgroup. It aims to briefly summarise what each of the commonly used techniques is, and provide links to sites where you can find more detailed information.

This document is not a tutorial for spamfighters. While there is much in here that will be of interest to a newcomer, reading this document alone will teach you only what techniques you can employ to fight spam, not how to use them.

4.2 What is spam and why do we fight it?

These are issues that are discussed in great depth in the second part of this FAQ, "The Evils of Spam". However, to briefly summarise, spam is a type of email that endangers the very existence of the email system by threatening to overwhelm it with a massive and uncontrollable volume of messages. Spam usually takes the form of advertising or promotional material that arrives in your emailbox without you having requested it.

UBE (Unsolicited Bulk Email) and UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) are terms that are often used to describe different types of spam

More information on just what is spam and why it is bad can be found in the second part of this FAQ, The Evils of Spam.

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