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Responsibility for the content soley rests with the SORBS administrators.

Further, should a sponsor become listed, the sponsor is required to follow the same rules as anyone else to become de-listed.

Sun Microsystems
Many thanks to Sun Microsystems for loaning SORBS a 4 CPU Sun Enterprise 450. This huge machine easily powers the back end database and master DNS server.

Many thanks to Sourceforge for providing project space and bringing together developers who have help write the software behind the SORBS project.

1 and 1 Internet
Many thanks to 1 and 1 Internet for hosting the SORBS European Mirror.

The Internet Systems Consortium
Many thanks to Paul Vixie, Peter Losher and The Internet Systems Consortium for providing a US mirror site of SORBS both with backup DNS and mirrored web site.

Walker Solutions Inc
Many thanks to Walker Solutions Inc for hosting the SORBS project site, and putting up with so many DDoS attacks.

Michael Tokarev
Many thanks to Michael Tokarev providing such a good DNS server (rbldnsd), the support, patches, enhancements.

All those who have helped in the past.
Many thanks to those who help SORBS become what it is today by providing services in the early days, these include:

Everyone else who have helped get SORBS into reality
Many thanks to the people who have helped make SORBS a reality, notable mentions include:
  • Joe (Oretek) for proxy server feeders.
  • Andrew for perl script help.
  • Chris for 'C' coding & perl script help.
  • Rodney for Threads help.
  • David for testing help.
  • Peter for sanity checking some code, and giving direction suggestions.
  • Dean (cleancode) for cleaning up some of the aweful code.
  • Vernon (DCC) for reminding the original author that you should not fight abuse with abuse.
  • All the others that have contributed code/suggestions.

Sorry if you got forgotten, if you should and want be on this list, please mail Michelle.

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