SORBS' definition of Spam

Due to previous disagreements both publicly and privately as to what constitutes the definition of spam, SORBS provides the following defintions that it adheres to:

Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) is spam.

Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE) is spam.

Unsolicited Religious Email (URE?) is spam.

Unsolicited Political Email (UPE) is spam.

SORBS does not consider any solicited email to be spam.

SORBS does not consider Unsolicited Email that is not Commercial, Bulk, Religious or Political to be spam.

This means that advertising messages as part of an Opt-In mailing list will be classed as spam if they are received before the confirmation of Opt-In is received by that list. Further, if the Opt-In confirmation appears to be an advert for products and services other than the mailing list it will also be considered spam.

A good test as to whether any particular message you might send will be considered to be spam is to ask the question, "Is the sender going to benefit more than the receiver of the message." if the answer is yes and the message is Unsolicited (the recipient has not explicitly asked for it) then the message would be considered as spam. Tip: An offer of a discounted item is going to benefit the sender more than the recipient.

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