Securing Netscape Messaging Server 6.x
Information provided by: Matthew Sullivan
Additional Information: Chapter 8 of the Admin Guide for Netscape Messaging Server 6.0 details how to configure the mappings table for authorised mail relay.

Netscape Messaging Server 6.x is secure by default in a standalone configuration.

If you are using a cluster of servers, or you are using other (even non Netscape) mailservers in the same domain which will allow relaying for your Netscape Messaging Server 6.x server you must add the following to the ORIG_SEND_ACCESS part of the mappings file:
! Block "external" submissions of explicitly source-routed "internal" addresses
  tcp_local|*|tcp_intranet|@*:*.*   $N$D30|Explicit$ routing$ not$ allowed
  tcp_local|*|tcp_intranet|*$%*@*   $N$D30|Explicit$ routing$ not$ allowed
  tcp_local|*|tcp_intranet|*.*!*@*  $N$D30|Explicit$ routing$ not$ allowed
  tcp_local|*|tcp_intranet|"*@*"@*  $N$D30|Explicit$ routing$ not$ allowed

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