Securing Novell Groupwise.
Information provided by: Bruce W. Barnett, CNE
Additional Information: Documentation for Novell Groupwise 6.5 maybe found here.

For GWIA go to the GWIA properties in NWADMIN, select the Access Control tab and then SMTP Relay. In the SMTP Relay dialog choose Prevent message relaying. Restart GWIA. For the SMTP/MIME Gateway (dated 8/15/96 or later); edit the GWSMTP.CFG file and add the /norouting switch, then restart the gateway. Make sure GWIA has been patched to the latest version available. NOTE: GWIA will accept the relay message, place it in the GWPROB directory and send an undeliverable back stating ACCESS DENIED to the sender. GroupWise 6 does not do this as it does not accept the message.

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